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The Autographer: A Wearable Camera

Want to capture each daily moment in a photo without taking out a camera?  The Autographer camera will allow consumers to do just that. Originally a camera developed by Microsoft that never really took off amongst consumers, the camera tech has been taken over by Oxford Metrics Group to bring the wearable camera to the […]

iPhone 5 Camera: Panoramic Photo Capture

  The “most popular camera in the world” just got an upgrade with the announcement of the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 5 iSight Camera allows for improved photo capture with the following added features: Panoramic feature – lets a user capture up to a 240 degree panoramic photo with one smooth motion. Enhanced HD video recording – […]

5 Tips for Taking Great Action Photos

Summer is a great time for taking all kinds of great action photos. More time outdoors means more great Full Screen Photo opportunities while at social gatherings, sporting events, and any summer activity where you can capture action photos. Below are 5 tips for capturing and turning an average action photos into a great action […]

Facebook Photos Go Full-Screen

Facebook just announced Thursday, March 22nd, that its new photo viewing feature will allow pictures to viewed in full-screen mode and high-resolution. This is Facebook’s best improvement to their photo capabilities, yet still has some limitations.  The full-screen photo feature is only available on Google Chrome and the latest version of Firefox.  Users can click […]

The Power of Photo First Impressions

Last month Wendy Lea had a nice post for Inc. Magazine on the power of customer first impressions online titled “Fix Your First Impression”. She noted “first impressions are the first place you meet customers online….are you looking your best?” and highlighted several ways to best manage customer relationships for a lasting customer relationship. But […]

Effective Online Photo Sharing allows for the most effective full screen slideshow creation and photo sharing online. Whether you’re creating a full screen slide show for personal use or to promote your business, provides the simplest and most effective way to share via all the major social platforms. Once a user creates a slideshow and clicks […]

Create Virtual Tours on

If you’re a real estate broker using, you can create effective virtual tours on listings easily from your account. As mentioned in our post More Effective Real Estate Listings, users can easily share their slideshows on their® listings for free, as long as they utilize the showcase listing feature on […]

Impact of Photos on Web Pages

  There are many ways to convey photos and images online, yet what is the most effective method in order to maximize your web efforts?  In order to best maximize photo strategy online it’s important to understand the impact of photos on web pages. Whether it is to increase web page conversion, help with customer […]

More Effective Real Estate Listings is proud to partner with® to enable more effective real estate listings online. Users can now easily share their slideshows on their® listings if they are a featured realtor that utilizes showcase listings. If you’re a featured realtor, simply click here to create a FullScreenPhoto slideshow. Then add your FullScreenPhotos as […]

Online Photos that Really Pop! – Online Photos that Really Pop! Most social media users and online shoppers are all too familiar with seeing a photo of something they want, followed by an “enlarge” button. When a user clicks on “enlarge” expecting to see a bigger photo, they usually get the same small photo, just in different window. For […]